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"Paramagnetic relaxation of liquid solutions for perpendicular fields": Zavoisky's foundational papers of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Zavoisky's paper that founded the field of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: E. Zavoisky, Journal of Physics, 1945, IX:3, 211-216.

Our work featured at "The Surg"

Our latest article, just published in Dalton Transactions, was featured at "The Surg".

Can spin triangles become liquid?

Ionic liquids formed from ferro- and antiferromagnetic spin trianlges retain the magnetic properties of those materials, while being able to exist in the liquid state.

The magnetic Jahn-Teller effect in half-integer spin triangles: static or dynamic?

The magnetic Jahn-Teller effect has been postulated for several years now, but has failed to be observed. Is its source static, like in the classical Jahn-Teller effect, or dynamic?

magnetic Jahn-Teller effect