New article & cover feature at Chemistry, a European Journal

The EPR detection of magnetoelectric coupling has just been published by Chemistry, a European Journal in our article which recently appeared in early view as a "Hot paper".

This work shows how the spins of magnetic triangles inetarct with external elctric fields, a feature that could lead to their electric control, and one of the key objectives of the CHIRALQUBIT project.

You can read our full paper here and look at the cover feature here.

Article details:

First Demonstration of Magnetoelectric Coupling in a Polynuclear Molecular Nanomagnet: Single-Crystal EPR Studies of [Fe3O(O2CPh)6(py)3]ClO4·py under Static Electric Fields
Athanassios K. Boudalis,* Jérôme Robert, and Philippe Turek, Chemistry, a European Journal, 2018, 24, DOI: 10.1002/chem.201803038